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22nd-Feb-2010 09:11 pm - These things that make us human
Idina: my second wife
Um so, I lost my wallet today.
I hadnt even realized that it was gone... until a stranger brought it to my house about three hours after Id apparently lost it.



Id drop it at a shopping center Id been to earlier in the day. When I got home, I didnt even look in my bag. I think, when I walked out, itd started to POUR THE EFF DOWN; I stuck my wallet under my arm and made a run for it. Funny cause after that, I sat in the car for about five minutes talking on the phone (didnt want to drive in that rain and talk at the same time) and my wallet was out there the entire time.

Anyway. Lucky. Thank you kinda sir who checked my id and brought it to my house. I will make sure to pay it forward. :)


In other news - I need to start working out again. EW. I look gross.
17th-Feb-2010 12:52 pm - What the fuck eljay?
Fiona - time like a dress
Seriously? I cant even access my Inbox without doing a search for it now? Lame. Lame. Lame.
1st-Feb-2010 12:07 am - Pretty
Gaga Monster ♥
This post holds no meaning. Its simply to show off my pretty new icon. Made by part_b or inroom8. GAGA! 2010 GRAMMYS!

Is rockinhamburger around here? I thought of you when I snagged it bb!
20th-Nov-2009 10:38 pm - Um
Wtf Cher
I think I went on a blind date tonight. Im not really sure.
Thought he was straight. Turns out hes gay. Oh no, hes bi: POLYAMORY!!!!! My most favouritest thing in the world. :|
Least he was hot.

Crappy post is crappy.
30th-Oct-2009 11:40 am - FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT *ded*
like an animal
(yes, the date changed)
(and yes, the album cover is intentionally RIDIC. um.)


You want lyrics???Collapse )

Okay. Repeat off. Finally going in for a shower.
16th-Oct-2009 03:07 pm - What is this feeling?
like an animal
Its called employment. Ive been unfamiliar for juuuuust about 10 months now.

That all changed today.
I was offered a job at a bookstore (chain, and not the one youre thinking of) yesterday afternoon. I went in to do paperwork today. So yeah. Its official.

Now, time to complain.
Im not being paid what Im worth, not even close. And its part-time. If Im lucky Ill be able to start paying my bills each month again and buying groceries but SAVING and SHOPPING? Not so much. Who knows when Im gonna get a new computer. :/ Or get the MOTHER FUCK out gawddamn Virginia.

But with the holidays its possible Ill get more hours - Ive heard that tune before, usually true but of course things temper off in January.

But yeah. Hopefully now, Ill have a chance to negotiate with the companies I havent been able to pay these past six or seven months before they decide to write me off and Im dealing with collection agencies. So theres that. :)

Its so cold here!!!! Im very fucking happy!!!! I turned the heat on in my room the other day and my mom has an electric heater on in the family room right now! *squee*


And yes, that is Kris Allens album cover. Beautiful isnt it? *swoon*

See Kris' single cover for 'Live Like We're Dying' under the cutCollapse )
3rd-Oct-2009 01:10 pm - Its October!!!
Fiona - time like a dress
So, my mom made groceries today and as I was bringing in the bags and putting the items away I noticed a couple of things:

1. shed bought lots of packaged nuts!!!
2. purchased a pumpkin!!!
3. there were pie shells!!!

TIS THE HOLIDAY SEASON! (well almost) :D

Im so excited, but why am I still jobless?!? Woe is me.

Dont forget:
Kris Allens debut album comes out NOV. 17th
Adam Lamberts debut album comes out NOV. 24th!

My plan is to be at FYE at midnight to purchase them each night, but it seems, I may have to borrow some money. :|
1st-Oct-2009 06:17 pm - Manual gawdamned labour!
Its just the way I was raised
I had this entire post written out in my head but. Now? Im just too damn tired to remember half of it.

Cliff Notes Version:

I got roped into doing manual labour. Last time I checked, these are not the duties of a daughter who doesnt even get along with her 'rents all that well.
I have scratches on my arm and Im sure Ill come across more over the course of the next couple of days. Not to mention Ill probably break out with a rash b/c thats just how sensitive my skin is and damnit LEAVES. TWIGS. BUGS in the LEAVES. TWIGS.

Im going to go ahead and call this my exercise for the next two days cause I havent worked out in like two weeks and I dont plan on it manana either. (I want Mexican) I kept thinking about those men who do this kinda shit for a living and how much it must suck for them and then I bet Adam and Kris dont have to do manual labour. Not that I want to be famous, cause I dont particularly but still. If I ever have a yard (But I thought I wanted to live in an apartment, not unlike Brian Kinney before he decided to go EPIC for his Prince? I do, but remember I also want a house in Louisiana. Oh yeah.) I will pay really well to the men who mow the lawn, trim the bushes, rake and bag that shit.

My legs are weak. But my dad bought me a Powerade! HOLLA!

Theres a hole in our kitchen wall. It was put there by professionals.
13th-Sep-2009 01:22 pm - *SCAM ALERT*
Wtf Cher
New News.
Im still jobless.
But thats nothing new.


So. I was on Craigslist list scouring for jobs like I do everyday - seven times a day - when I saw an ad for guest services at a local hotel. They even listed the pay which wasnt extravagant but was reasonable for the position. They gave an email (maybe a number, I dont recall) to contact. They didnt say you had to send your resume but I did anyway and a note about why blah blah Id like to be considered for the position. Not exactly a cover letter, just a note.
Anyway. The next time I checked that email I had a reply telling me to click the link and fill out the online application.
First page was pretty straight forward: name, address, SSN, phone number, MOTHERS MAIDEN NAME. I might have heard bells going off at that point but I kept going. (WTF?)
About four pages into this I was tired of clicking the box saying, 'no, I dont want to further my education' or 'no, Ive never plead guilty to any crimes'.

I x'ed out. I figured they either had what they needed or it was a scam.


I was watching To Catch an ID-Thief on MSNBC, staring our favorite: Chris Hansen.
Ive seen this show before - Ive seen ALL the 'To Catch a Donkey on Michigan Ave' shows - but I was hella bored and whatevs. And then I starting getting nervous. It hit me - I gave that website my NAME, ADDRESS, MOTHERS MAIDEN NAME AND SSN! MOTHERFUCKER!
Today, I went to check Craigslist for that ad again. I cant find it. STRIKE ONE.
I checked for the site I filled the app out on (Career Hub. Ive heard that name before but I remember if it was legit or scam central). I cant find an actual site, just subsidiaries and forums filled with people telling their scam stories w/ a warning. STRIKE TWO. I dont think I need a strike three at this point. :(

Ive been out of work for just about nine months! My three bank accounts have a grand total of $.74 in them. All my credit cards are maxed out and closed and Im pretty sure b/c I havent been able to make a payment since March, no bank is going to allow a new card to be opened in my name.
So. Theres that.

Chris Hansen is my savior.
18th-Aug-2009 03:23 pm - Deep breaths now...
like an animal
Because I refuse to believe that not seeing these pictures isnt a sin, Im here to help you repent. Um, after you have some alone time of course...
EDIT: Bonus pic added today (8/20/09), scroll down to bottom.

We're just gonna call that badboy a teaser.

Follow the SexCollapse )
11th-Aug-2009 01:48 pm - Get your good deed pants on!
Ek Ek
I just signed up for the local branch of Habitat for Humanity.
I feel a bit like a heel b/c for YEARS Ive been meaning to get involved with them but I never made any move to do so. Now, Im out of work for nearly eight months and well, theres nothing else to do, right? Might as well volunteer time overwhelming amount of free time.

Unfortunately, you have to go to volunteer orientation before you can work on any projects. Orientation is the fourth Saturday of each month and August 22nd is filled. D:
Signed up for the following one but Im gonna keep checking back in case someone drops out.

There was something else I wanted to mention but I cant remember now. Hmm...

EDIT: I just F5-ed kradam_ai and OMG! Its Tuesday which means a new chapter from dazzamre with her new AU! OMG! Also, radiogaga33 updated her new AU. OMG! OMFG! Today is a good day? Well jobless, but filled with EPIC fic!

Damnit. I have to run an errand... 2:22pm. If Im back by 5pm...
30th-Jul-2009 12:40 am(no subject)
Gale *wink wink*
I dont know whether to be relieved or sullen that I can finally listen to this song and not have the lyrics speak directly to me.
The need to sing the words has left me. I wonder when that happened; I mustnt have been paying attention.

sarah mclaughlin, do what you have to do

what ravages of spirit
conjured this temptuous rage,
created you a monster,
broken by the rule of love?
and fate has led you through it.
you do what you have to do.
and fate has led you through it.
you do what you have to do.

and I have the sense to recognize
that I don't know how to let you go.

every moment marked
with apparitions of your soul.
I'm ever swiftly moving,
trying to escape this desire,
the yearning to be near you.
I do what I have to do.
the yearning to be near you.
I do what I have to do.

and I have the sense to recognize
that I don't know how to let you go.
I don't know how to let you go.

a glowing ember, burning hot,
and burning slow.
Deep within, I'm shaken by the violence
of existing for only you.

I know I can't be with you.
I do what I have to do.
I know I can't be with you.
I do what I have to do.

and I have the sense to recognize
but I don't know how to let you go.
I don't know how to let you go.

Its probably for the best. Yeah. Right?
29th-Jul-2009 01:40 pm - Laugh out loud
I want to have Joe Andersons bbs
I was reading death!fic last night. I didnt expect to cry because I wasnt in the mood for that kinda emotion... but who am I kidding? I cry at commercials! So yeah, I cried. It was after midnight and my throat was constricting, my eyes were red and I needed laughs. What now? I cant go to bed feeling like that, right? Right. I went on a search for the perfect antidote and found this. I laughed a lil too loudly for 1:30am on a Tuesday night.

And then I came across thisCollapse )
19th-Jul-2009 02:57 am - JOURNAL MAINTENANCE
Idina: my second wife
My journal is currently undergoing maintenance while I update and change some things around. Everything is still functional. Im just too tired to deal with it all at once tonight. (3:00am)

I will probably delete this entry once Ive gotten it sorted out.

Thank you for your time and patience.


...I think. YAY!

Read more...Collapse )
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