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1st-Jan-2025 12:21 pm
kradam forever clouds
Eljay memories isnt sufficient. Ive decided to take on the task that will bring me much joy - b/c I like to make lists - and link to most all of my favourite Kradam fandom fics in one post. This way, I can link to the sequels and add notes. I like to take notes. I love Post-its. The main list is broken down into four categories - they are made of WIN and Glitter: jerakeen, astolat, oneshots and chapter fics. The oneshots may have a sequel but the intent was mainly to have one go at something fabulous. Jerakeen and Astolat have their own section simply b/c I have more favs from these individual authors.
Im not intending for this to be a rec list, but if it inadvertently is, :D

last updated: 09.21.11

All found at her site.
(note: this is not all of her stories, just my fa fa fa favourites)

*All The More For That (18,300) creme brulee!fic
(Adam/Kris) PG-13
summary: “Kris doesn't mind when life gives him lemons. He is good at making the best of lemons. He just thinks it sucks that when life gave him crème brûlée, he didn't know what to do with it.”

*AU Far Along This Road (26,500) The blowjob!fic
(Adam/Kris) NC-17
summary: One-night stands are not for everyone.
Part 2 Like A Heart Needs A Beat (650)
Part 3 Sunday Morning (1,130)
Part 4 Backstage (780)

*AU (Every Heart Is) Like A House On Fire (8,200) The cop!fic
(Adam/Kris) NC-17
Summary: Adam Lambert has the protective instincts of a beetle.
Part 2 Escape Routes (in Every Room) (1,090)
Part 3 House of Cards (3,970)

*Love and War (1200) Minneapolis
(Adam/Kris) PG
Summary: Despite what everyone thinks, Adam does not fall in love with Kris during American Idol.

*More Myself With You (42,000) The EPIC bff!fic
(Adam/Kris, Kris/Katy) R
summary: Their friendship is hard to explain.
Ever After: snippets from after the bff!fic:
The Reasons/Josephine Finds Out Day 1 and Day 3
Penguins Day 17
The Difference Day 21
Cops and Robbers Day 34
Worth A Thousand Words/Home Day 247 and Day 251
Hero Day 263
Too Much And Not Enough/Symbols Day 374 and Day 432
This Kiss Day 468
Mumbled Lyrics Day 468 cont.
All That And More Day 469

*AU Just A Glance Away (8300) Allisons Bad Day
(Adam/Kris) PG-13
summary: "You would sleep with me, right?"
Part 2 Something In Your Eyes (1,250)
Part 3 What Were The Chances (1600)

*AU Fools and Kings (3700) two dragons, not one
(Adam/Kris) PG-13
summary: "This is ridiculous. You're done with this kingdom's dragons and now you're branching out?"
Part 2 Over Land and Sea (1,290)

*AU Tangled (590) every fandom has a prostitute
(Adam/Kris) PG-13
summary: "If it isn’t my favorite doctor."
Part 2 Life In Detail (780)
Part 3 And Dream Away (4100)

*AU The World In An Hourglass (3400) Masquerade
(Adam/Kris) NC-17
summary: Kris is pretty sure he will never enjoy kissing anyone as much as he has enjoyed these lips; clearly they are made of sin.
Part 2 A Million Dreams To Fulfill (1,870)

*Beyond the Blue (1400) theres dancing
(Adam/Kris) PG
summary: “Dancing,” Adam explains. “This song calls for it.”

*On The Verge Of Something Wonderful (1500) seductive!Adam
(Adam/Kris) NC-17
Summary: "We said we'd wait."

*Epiphany (800) snuggly!Kris
(Adam/Kris) PG-13
Summary: Kris is like an octopus when he is drunk; wiggly and floppy and with arms everywhere.
Part 2 The Date (1800)
Part 3 Be Cool (1,170)
Part 4 Stay (535)

*AU Strings (2,280)
(Adam/Kris) PG-13
summary: Underage kids making out in the music room! And sandwiches!

*AU Merry and Bright (1,220)
(Adam/Kris) PG-13
summary: Every year, Kris expects things to be different when he comes back, but every year they stay the same. No matter how much his life changes, home is always just like he left it.

*Stardust of Yesterday (1500) two years isnt as serious as seven
(Adam/Kris) PG-13
summary: It's been seven years and three months since the end of American Idol.

*AU Hang the Sense of It (4,250) DINOS ruin the souffle!
(Adam/Kris) R
Summary: The date starts out pretty normally.

*AU But I Still Have Dreams (6600) Robot!Kris OhEmGee!
(Adam/Kris) PG-13
Summary: Adam has always thought of the consumer grade robots as sex toys.

*Lay Down My Heart (6,060) Jealous!Adam. Its the one where they fight.
(Adam/Kris) PG-13
summary: Kris’ love life has never been very eventful.

*AU Brand New Shoes (9700) Pretend Boyfriends
(Adam/Kris) R
summary: “I’m not crazy or anything, I promise. If you could just pretend you know me for a couple of minutes, you’d be saving my life, I swear.”

*The Couch (1800) Its a competition and Kris was watching.
(Adam/Kris) PG-13
summary: "This is a couch for tiny people," Adam says with a pout. "Did you buy this couch just so I won't stay over?"

*AU The Old Black Magic (7,160) Fate is wondrous.
(Adam/Kris) PG-13
summary: That's not how fate works.

*AU Conquered (1,650) Thief!Adam = happiness
(Adam/Kris) PG-13
Summary: “Are you trying to get yourself killed?”
Part 2 Exit Wounds (4,670)

*AU Take A Chance On Something (and Take It Tonight) (11,300) Bartender!AU, its a staple, Oh, and Adams an asshole.
(Adam/Kris) NC-17
summary: “You really are a jerk, aren’t you?”

*AU A Family Way (2,450) Apparently, Adam wants babies.
(Adam/Kris) NC-17
summary: You want to break up with me, because... Danielle had a baby?

*AU Pour Some Sugar On Me (In The Name Of Love) (9,250) Strippers and a tea party
(Adam/Kris) NC-17
summary: It’s your bachelor party, and you’re making tea!

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All ♥raunchy cracky love♥ also found at her site.
(note: this is not all of her stories, just my fa fa fa favourites)

*Winner Takes All (7,300 words)
(Adam/Kris, Adam/*) adult, explicit
deleted scene from Winner Takes All

*Zen (1100 words) TOPPY!
(Adam/Kris) adult, explicit

*Concessions (4,630)
(Adam/Kris) adult, explicit

*AU Orchestration (2,726) Substitute!Kris
(Adam/Kris) adult, explicit

*Not Like That (4500) It really is like that
(Adam/Kris) adult, explicit

*House of the Living (17,099) Its more than just zombies
(Adam/Kris) adult, explicit, horror-movie violence and consequences -- caveat lector!
Dont forget the Theatrical Trailer by cheapxdate

*Publicity (4300) CRACK! Theres even a Kradamaty threesome that doesnt make me vomit.
(Adam/Kris/Katy) adult, explicit

*Stardust (2530) Twink of the day
(Adam/Kris) adult, explicit

*AU A Matter of Inconvenience (21000) Regency. Marriage of Convenience. Love.
(Adam/Kris) adult, explicit

*AU Sings the Song Without Words (5300) Daemons Pyri and Gild.
(Adam/Kris) adult, explicit

*AU It Is, It Is A Glorious Thing (6400) PIRATES! ARRRR...
(Adam/Kris) adult, explicit

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Listed in order by date. Exception: more than one fic by the same author. Those are listed in succession, then the list resumes.

5.14.09 wearemany
Way Down Inside (3500) Though I read this when she posted it, Im just now (4.2.10) adding it to the list. No real reason I hadnt before but I am sad to see MSIMM no longer at the top. /random thought
(Adam/Kris) PG
summary: "I don't think they put ice machines on floors this high up," Adam says from behind him.

5.19.09 dramatikaty
My Smile Is My Make-Up (4,906)
(Adam/Kris) NC-17
Summary: “It’s all ending,” Kris says, “That’s why.”

6.05.09 phaballa
AU Kris & Adam's Infinite Playlist (1100) Kris is bi and Adam needs to make an ex jealous.
(Adam/Kris) R
summary: They meet at a totally random ska show at Flamingo's, which isn't even Kris's usual scene because he's not really into the whole zoot suit-weird hats-loud brass-bad dancing thing, but The Slackers are worth putting up with all the non-punk ska poseurs because they're just that good.
(NOTE: short lil ficlet that I would pay to have her expound on. Her writing is genius)

9.09.09 phaballa
Fairy Tale (12,300) motherfucking mpreg CRACKFIC
(Adam/Kris) NC-17
summary: "Ogres and fairies and elves," Kris says, shaking his head in amazement.
(NOTE: I cant believe I actually read mpreg in my lifetime. Thankfully, this is written by the brilliant phaballa so its ACES.)

6.11.09 ficbycam
Just One Sheep (8550) tourwife!
(Adam/Kris) NC-17
Summary: Kris needs someone to take care of him on tour. Adam is fabulous in many ways. And sometimes things are what they look like.

6.30.09 ficbycam
Pop Goes the World (7100) Adam likes to take pictures.
(Adam/Kris) R
Summary: Adam likes to take pictures of Kris. Kris becomes a civil rights leader. Kris and Adam finally master Twitter. Also, Adam can't really help the things that happen in his presence.

5.01.10 ficbycam
Hot Like Wasabi (11000) Rolling Stone. Kris jerking off but who can blame him - Adam is hot in editorial pics!
(Adam/Kris) NC-17
Summary: It's not like Kris is trying to jerk off to pictures of Adam. It just keeps happening.

07.29.10 ficbycam
AU Simon's (22000) Again with the imagery. Good enough to eat.
(Adam/Kris) NC-17
summary: Kris embraces his gay in a rather dramatic fashion while working as a sous-chef in New York City and generally being a complete idiot.

6.16.09 battleofhydaspe
Everything All the Time (4500)
(Kris/Katy, Kris/Brad, Kris/Adam) PG-13
summary: “I’d totally hit that,” Kris laughs. He shifts and sinks lower on the bed; the flowery bedspread bunches up under his thigh so he kicks at it, trying to straighten it up. The laptop wobbles precariously on his stomach.

6.23.09 onesong
AU's Patchwork Drabbles
(Adam/Kris) PG-13

07.04.09 likealocket
(This Could Be) The Very Minute (601) This is one with the junk drawer and its fucking perfection.
(Adam/Kris) PG
summary: In the kitchen of Adam's apartment, Kris realizes he loves Adam in the not just a friend way.

10.10.09 likealocket
Listen to the Music of the Moment (651) I die from the epic kick awesomeness that this is!
(Adam/Kris) G
summary: Kradam future fic. Their daughter's first day of school. Adam fixes her hair while Kris watches.

7.08.09 ink_like_blood
Take This Sinking Boat (17000) same bed.post-tour
(Adam/Kris) NC-17
Summary: Two years from his Idol win, and Kris's life isn't turning into the fairy tale he'd imagined. Luckily, Adam's always got his back.

8.23.09 ink_like_blood
(Adam/Kris/Katy/DCook) R
summary: David's easy, Kris and Adam are clueless, and Katy has a list!

11.25.09 eleanor_lavish aka ink_like_blood
AU Boys Keep Swinging (13000) Lil less Cruel Intentions, lil more Say Anything
(Adam/Kris) R
summary: In which the author hits every high school movie cliche ever - Adam is slutty and conniving, Kris is adorable and amazing, Brad is snarky and brilliant, and the Jonas Brothers have cameos. An all-boys boarding school AU.

7.12.09 we_dreamerz
Enough (9,174) QAF/Kradam crossover Post 513 QAF
(Adam/Kris/Brian/Justin) NC-17
Summary: Kris and Adam are in Pittsburgh for the Idols Live Tour. What happens when Kris decides he and Adam need to let off a little steam after the concert?

7.13.09 merryish
Serious Moonlight (2,761) in da club
(Adam/Kris) R
summary: Kris lost Adam in the crowd somewhere between the third and fourth drink, and headed for high ground.

12.20.10 merryish
AU Wind Up the Sun and Moon (7,407) Angel!Adam and sacrifices... the beautiful, amazing, why isnt rl like this kind.
summary: Kris isn't really a believer, so much as he's a guy who really wishes he could believe.

7.16.09 summerstorm
We May Fall Then Stumble Upon A Carousel (12,770) same bed.partial season
(Adam/Kris, Kris/Katy) NC-17
summary: This is a story about sleeping, lots and lots of sleeping—the kind that's had and the kind that's missed. (Or: Kris likes to sleep in Adam's bed. Things progress from there.)

08.18.09 summerstorm
You Steal My Lines, You Strike Me Dumb (8000) Poetic and intimate.
(Adam/Kris) NC-17
summary: Adam gets caught in the rain. Tour.

7.17.09 butterfly
The Post-Tour Blues plus 2 ficlets
(Adam/Kris, Kris/Katy) NC-17
Summary: Kris had never really been any good at letting go of Adam.

8.12.09 butterfly
Sing Your Melody a love song
(Adam/Kris, Kris/OMC, Kris/Katy) PG-13, some Sexual Content
summary: "Katy and I might be getting a divorce."

8.25.09 butterfly
Everything in a Day (9600) the Grammys -sequel to, Lovegame-
(Adam/Kris) NC-17
summary: Kris keeps his promise to Adam and comes out at the Grammys.

10.18.09 butterfly
Soul Satisfaction (3300) The Love Letter
(Adam/Kris) R
summary: Inspired by W.S. Merwin's translation of Pablo Neruda's Poem #20 from the anthology Veinte Poemas de Amor Y Una Cancion Deseperada.

12.15.09 butterfly
Melt Into Time (23,800) Time travel. Future-fic.
(Adam/Kris) NC-17
summary: When Kris finds out that Adam has gotten engaged, he makes a hasty decision and takes a step backwards.

10.01.10 butterfly
And Burnt the Topless Towers of Ilium (20000) Future!fic. Adams on tour, but Kris has a key. Beautiful.
(Adam/Kris) NC-17
summary: : Sex, lies, and videotape dvd. Or, what happened when Kris found Adam's sex tapes.

0.00.00 gypsy_scribbles
A Little Down That Road (16,670) New Mexico
(Adam/Kris) NC-17
summary: When his cell phone vibrated it was a few minutes before 11 pm, and Kris had no intention of actually answering it.

0.00.00 gypsy_scribbles
AU The Light of Different Stars (9000) 1968, a love story
(Adam/Kris) NC-17
summary: “Far cry from Arkansas, huh?” Matty Giraud slung a loose arm around Kris’s shoulder, and Kris smiled slightly, lips pressed thin and pinched a little at the sides.

8.13.09 jeck7
Spiders and the Fly AKB
(Adam/Kris/Brad) NC-17
summary: Nights off on tour were rare. Nights off when there was someone Adam knew nearby? Even more rare. Not that Brad was a good friend, but he was something better at this moment. He was an available ass.

10.23.09 jeck7 and worlddescending
AU Desire funny and theres wall!sex
(Adam/Kris) NC-17
summary: When Kris has learned the joys of gay sex, there is just so much to do.

8.14.09 bexless
AU Apples Are Not The Only Fruit -- or here (23,000) Oranges
(Adam/Kris) NC-17
summary: Local woman wins pie contest! Adam Lambert assists.

9.21.09 bexless
Off the Menu (1700) Starbucks is great meeting place
(Adam/Kris) PG
summary: Kris didn’t normally drink coffee in the evening. Or, he might drink coffee, but it wouldn’t have caffeine in it, or if it did it wouldn’t be the size of his head.

8.14.09 setissma
Kiss A Girl (5400) GENDERSWAPPING!
(Adam/Kris) NC-17
summary: Adam turns into a girl and then back into a boy and Kradam lives happily ever after.

8.20.09 janesgravity
AU Believe In Demons (5000) possessed!kris is really fucking hot
(Adam/Kris) PG-13 beta-ed by moi
summary: Kris is possessed.

8.27.09 janesgravity
AU Wish (1980) black wings, glitter and Kris thinks theyre ~soft
(Adam/Kris) PG-13 beta-ed by moi
summary: Adam is a wish-enabling specialist.
Wish 2 (2127) more glitter plus some Brad
Wish 3 (3438) Kris gets to try out some wings and to fly, plus theres sex!

8.25.09 pearllane
Deep Down Was That Missing Piece the.most.perfect.lil.fic.ever
(Adam/Kris) PG
Summary: Neither Adam nor Kris can sleep, so they enjoy some silence together.

8.27.09 asoutherthing/sodiumlight
AU Southside of Heaven (18,288) addiction and the magic bean
(Adam/Kris) NC-17
Warnings: Sex, serious non-experimental drug use, needles/syringes, language
summary: About addiction, love, and a coffee shop called the Magic Bean.

two anonymous authors from the ai_kinkmeme
8.29.09 Together
9.01.09 I Promise I Wont Let Go
Prompt: Held prisoner by an unseen individual or group of individuals, Kris and Adam are in turns removed from their dank, windowless cell and submitted to beatings or sexual abuse.
(Adam/Kris) NC-17
Warnings: physical/sexual and emotional abuse. loss of hope.

9.07.09 preromantics
Words On Skin (4500) Kris. Eyeliner. Adams back. Words.
Adam/Kris NC-17
summary: He can see Adam better in the light, here, and all of the sudden he notices all the faded black lines along Adam's neck, disappearing beyond the dip of his shirt.

9.09.09 minglingcrab
Hanging Like Bricks Dont (15,000) The EPIC Alien!fic
(Adam/Kris) NC-17
summary: Crack, i.e. aliens making them do it; physical (and maybe psychological? ish?) torture (light).

09.12.09 cynnet
AU In Which Adam Needs A Place To Stay PG-13 (6000) | In Which Kris' Electricity Gets Cut Off PG-13 (2000) | In Which Events Progress R (4,350)
summary: Adam, living rough. homeless!Adam, Kris rescues him

10.26.09 cynnet
AU Paper Gangsta Assassin!Kris, Accident-prone!Adam
(Adam/Kris) R
summary: Kris doesn’t necessarily want to kill Adam Lambert, but the way he sees it, he doesn’t have much choice.

9.18.09 audrarose
The Monroe (4200) loopy!kris, protective!adam and the monroe
(Adam/Kris) R
summary: Kris takes something he shouldn't. Adam is concerned.
You Break Me Down (4000) A lovely sequel.

01.27.10 audrarose
All Just Noise Butch and Sundance. Nuff said.
(Adam/Kris) R
summary: Kris and Adam get into a bar fight. Then there is schmoop.

9.18.09 mybestexcuse
AU Physician, Heal Thyself (9000) LABCOATS, an ER kink!
(Adam/Kris) NC-17
summary: "Drew Serkilt," Kris calls, holding the phone receiver upside down and speaking into the mouthpiece. He'll never get used to his voice over that PA, seriously. He always sounds like a different person. "Drew Serkilt, exam room twelve."

9.27.09-01.21.10 maybe77
AU Song and Dance (12,500) NC-17 Stripper!Kris, Record Exec!Adam
AU Cold Desert (1,750) R Kings of Leon = depressing :(
AU Gotham When Youre Ready (16,600) NC-17 Comic Books!
AU Mi Casa Es Su Casa (14000) NC-17 Ole timey Ghost!Adam haunts present day Kris and Adam

10.02.09 lux__aeterna
Take What We Want And Give The Rest Away (6,100) Age 27-32 future!fic
(Adam/Kris) PG-13
summary: fandom cliche #82: in which the heroes get older, grow up and fall in love. Three years after Idol, Kris and Katy divorce.

10.14.09 winterlive
AU All These Things That I Have Done The first time I read it, I thought it was strange. The second time, I cried.
(Adam/Kris) NC-17
summary: "No, you can," Adam insists. "You can't kill me or you'll never trust anyone enough to let them do this for you. You'll never trust yourself not to kill them halfway through."

11.24.09 winterlive
(Adam/Kris) NC-17
summary: The late summer sun is high over the base today, hot and intense. Kris tilts his face up and closes his eyes, pretending the hunters got fresh meat today, and that there are rain clouds on the horizon that'll sift cool, clear water down on all their sweaty heads. Everybody has their happy place these days, but Kris tries to make his attainable. There's no point in wishing the last five years never happened, because they did.

10.29.09 baxen
Beauty In the Breakdown (4428) Kradam are zombies. Crack, but touching.
(Adam/Kris) NC-17
summary: Adam and Kris are zombies... in a domestic setting.

11.05.09 shelbecat
AU The Trouble With Kids Is... (7750) Adam hates kids! YAY!
(Adam/Kris) PG-13
summary: The truth is that Adam doesn't really remember meeting Kris.

01.15.10 shelbecat
AU Life In A Box (4,600) A Toy Story AU, doesnt get much better than that.
(Adam/Kris) PG-13
summary: Inanimate objects really can fall in love.

11.08.09 mangosong
Up Against the Wall (6700) Adam throws a guy up against the wall. Kris gets a hard on. Wall!sex ensues. YAY!
(Adam/Kris) NC-17
summary: Two years post-Idol, Kris realizes he has feelings for Adam after an unexpected incident in a club. Your typical realization fic.

11.13.09 mangosong
Hand and Hand (2500)
(Adam/Kris) R
summary: Whiskey, arm-wrestling.

05.11.10 mangosong
AU The Beast (22,400) Except, I dont think Adam was particularly an asshole in the before.
(Adam/Kris) R
summary: Tale as old as time. Adam's beautiful, fierce, and a total asshole until a stranger changes everything.

11.18.09 hotcitygirl
Virtue and Vice Kradam finally get their shit together and theres kissing and its lovely.
summary: Kris laughs -actually laughs like it was yesterday, instead of this today where they are thousands of miles apart and breaking up when they were never even together.
Don't leave me here [to let you down] (In my head, its a sequel, a part two, same verse.)

11.24.09 llaras
Whatever Happens (8600) One year, and then we decide.
(Adam/Kris) NC-17
summary: One phone call from Katy changes everything.

11.26.09 coriande
The Glambert Experience feat. Kris-Kross (6,800) CAT PEOPLE!!!
(Adam/Kris, Kris/Katy, Adam/MC)
summary: So. Someone has seen fit to fill Adam's apartment with cats. He looks around warily for a candid camera. Being famous is sometimes really weird.

11.27.09 cathalin
AU I Would Be (20000) A darker AU thats read like reality. Beautifully disturbing yet, hopeful.
(Adam/Kris) NC-17
summary: Adam and Kris meet a few years down the road, when down-on-his-luck Kris and his young daughter Katherine show up to rent a room from Adam, who never made it to an Idol audition.

12.12.09 buffyx
Here We Are (11000) Epilogue to the "epic" Plane Crash Fic If It Kills Me, which I think drags a bit too much for me so, yeah. This epilogue can stand alone.
(Adam/Kris) NC-17
summary: “Mostly the plan entails being with you. I’d say that’s where it begins and ends, actually.”

01.23.10 buffyx
AU You've Got Music (22000) Youve Got Mail AU. One of my fav movies of. all. time. Not as funny as the movie, but still...
(Adam/Kris) PG-13
summary: "Do you really think you're little store is a threat? Oh my god, that's adorable."

12.12.09 jeyhawk
Knocking On Your Door (baby, baby, please now) (13000) Kris almost dies twice. Adam is being difficult but their ♥ always wins out.
(Adam/Kris) NC-17
summary: Kris and Adam suffer from perpetually bad timing, but a near brush with death makes Kris realize that some things in life are worth fighting for.

01.27.10 jeyhawk
Doesnt Have To Be Perfect, Just Has To Be Real (7,300) Sleeping beauty and Prince Charming aka the coma!fic
(Adam/Kris) NC-17
summary: Future fic. Adam ends up in a coma and Kris wakes him up with a kiss, because there's a Prince Charming to every Sleeping Beauty.

02.15.10 - 02.27.10 jeyhawk
AU verse Falling All Over You
Bumpy Ride (976) | Spilled Coffee (1,900) | Crowded Club (1,400) | More Music (2,400) | Moving Pictures (3000) | Wanting More (3,800) | After Hours (3,900)
(Adam/Kris) NC-17
summary: Its starts here: Kris hates the rush hour train with a passion but a certain tall dark stranger makes it worth his while. In more ways than one.

04.24.10 jeyhawk
(Adult) Toy Story (5,500) The schoompiest porn ever. It nearly gave me toothache, but made me so happy.
(Adam/Kris) NC-17
summary: "We're going to have so much fun tonight," Adam says, eyes shining with glee.

07.23.10 jeyhawk
AU Tightly Knit (26000) If the story actually sucked, then the imagery would be enough to make it a fav. But youre in luck...
(Adam/Kris) NC-17
summary: College student Adam Lambert doesn't really believe in the magical powers of knitting needles until he meets Kris Allen, knitting shop owner by day and gay erotica writer by night. Kris is an enigma wrapped in an adorable package and Adam finds himself wanting to strip away his layers (literally as well as figuratively), but at the end of the day will that be enough to make Adam mess with his carefully laid plans, or will his desire to "make it" stand in the way of true love?

08.07.10 jeyhawk
The Road Less Travelled (24000) Not a warm and fuzzy future!fic. Kris struggles and Adam waits.
(Adam/Kris) NC-17
summary: Sometimes the road to happiness is brightly lit, easily navigated and smooth. Sometimes it isn't…
The Road Less Travelled (but we're on it together) (4000) Porn and schmoop set immediately after.

12.19.09 cjmarlowe
Physics Makes Us All Its Bitches (18000) Kris/Brad BODYSWAPPING is all Adams fault!
(Adam/Kris) PG-13
summary: Kris is in Brad, Brad is in Kris, and Adam is in a lot of trouble.

03.19.10 cjmarlowe
Unholy, Dirty and Beautiful (15000) Its time for another dystopian society future!fic. This time, Kris is the leader and Adam is on the run.
(Adam/Kris) NC-17
Warnings: Violence; implied and stated non-primary character death; religious (Christian) overtones. Generally, the kinds of things you'd expect from the apocalyptic scenario described.
summary: In September of 2012, a disease later dubbed the Croatoan virus starts hitting major American cities, including Los Angeles. "It's efficient, it's incurable, and it's scary as hell. Turns people into monsters." Most people don't know that it's one front in a war between demons and angels, but Kris Allen does. An angel told him so. Now he's leading a small group of people who've stayed behind in a city ravaged by disease and violence when he gets word that someone from his past might still be alive out there. But ten months after the first outbreak, Kris doesn't know what he's really going to face if he tracks Adam down.

01.01.10 roga
They Come In Threes (12,900) Adam makes a few wishes, theres a couple of Kris' and some wizard guy wearing an ascot.
(Adam/Kris) R
summary: Adam gets three wishes.

01.04.10 seperis
(This is) not a statement (57,688) Its pathetic that I dont have a mini note for this story. Future!fic of EPIC proportions, hows that?
(Adam/Kris) NC-17
summary: "I really don't know," Kris says somewhere over his head, "what I'm going to do with you." (useless summary is useless)

01.18.10 seperis
Only Take What You Can Carry Roadtrip or not. Its not about that.
(Adam/Kris) NC-17
summary: Things to do in New Mexico when you're lost.

06.21.10 seperis
Four PM There's a brief silence while everyone remembers all the youtube footage from his concerts, and judges Adam silently.
(Adam/Kris) PG-13
summary: Amicable divorces that end in everyone being friends are seriously not all they're cracked up to be.

03.05.10 anonymous author in the aianonlovefest
Prompt: Adam starts having bad "night terrors" or dreams. Adam tells Kris he was sexually abused as a child by a family friend or family member (not immediate family). He never told anyone. Hurt/Comfort
(Adam/Kris) PG-13
Warnings: descriptions of childhood sexual abuse

03.18.10 samanthahirr
AU Covington Marshes Bylaws, Section 13.D: Community Rules for Hauntings (50000) ~horror
(Adam/Kris) NC-17
summary: "You're sleeping in your car."
"...yeah," Kris tries not to sound defensive.
"Outside a gay bar at 2 a.m."
"You really don't have any place to go, do you?"
"No, I do, I just. I can't go back there at night," Kris admits softly, unable to meet Adam's eyes.

07.20.10 samanthahirr
Ready Now (If You Can Wait A Little More) (44500) kidnapped!Adam
(Adam/Kris) NC-17
summary: Just as Kris gets up the courage to tell Adam how he feels about him, Adam mysteriously disappears from a bad neighborhood. Finding himself involved in a high-stakes investigation, Kris faces off with their record label, the FBI, and the demons of his and Adam's complicated past to uncover who, if anyone, could have taken Adam.

03.27.10 moirariordan
The Truth Is Sexy (11000) Gaga makes Kradam happen
(Adam/Kris) PG-13
summary: Exactly one year – to the day – that Kris’s divorce is finalized, he gets an invitation in the mail.

05.09.10 moirariordan
I Got Places You Can Lay Your Head (16,840) Kris becomes a trufax European and Adam gets his shit together.
(Adam/Kris) NC-17
summary: Kris books a plane for Valencia, Spain with Cale’s credit card, holed up in his spare room, avoiding the radio, television and any website besides Expedia and Travelocity. There’s nothing special about Valencia, really, other than the fact he’s never been, and it’s cheaper than Sydney.

06.23.10 moirariordan
From Adam To Kris (8500) Not From Justin to Kelly, but there is a ton of pee - mine, not in the story. In other words: HYSTERICAL!
(Adam/Kris) PG-13
summary: “It’s a movie!” Simon Fuller is not a cheery man, normally, so his grin has the unintended effect of being incredibly creepy. “Kelly Clarkson did one.”

08.03.10 moirariordan
AU Girl, you're like a weird vacation (22000) girl!Kradam, this isnt crack
(Adam/Kris) PG-13
summary: Dear Adam Lambert. Hello! My name is Kristina Allen, and I live in Conway, Arkansas. My parents are Kim and Neil Allen, and I am a lesbian. What about you?

08.18.10 moirariordan
AU Husband-Revealing Magical Lemonade (or, How Kris Learned to Keep Calm and Just Go with It) (6800) Kim Allen and the Zombie Bartender
(Adam/Kris) PG-13
summary: If I’d known I was following some Middle Ages husband-finding potion I totally wouldn’t have listened to it!

10.12.10 moirariordan
AU Off With Your Head (We Started Nothing) (44,500) The Dark Prince is just a rumour, but a hot one.
(Adam/Kris) NC-17
summary: "So," he says dully, "basically, I have no control over my own life, I'm supposed to marry a man I barely know, for fucked up political reasons that I couldn't possibly care less about. What else is new?" In which personal is political and revolution is more complex than it seems.

04.14.10 yekoc
AU In Any Other World (10,100) You just might believe in fairytales after you read this.
(Adam/Kris) R
summary: "I have been enchanted by some witch's Magic, and I, Prince Adam of Andalasia, find myself a stranger in a strange land. May I call upon your kindness — or, if not your kindness, then the respect due to a visiting noble, and ask to be taken to your Court, and presented to your Monarch?"

06.27.10 lizziebethc
Like The Music That You Play (23,250) Future!fic with a few different plot twists.
(Adam/Kris) NC-17
summary: Kris shows up on Adam's tour, and decides to stay.

07.21.10 itinerant_vae
AU Finding the Loophole (28500) Kris is stubborn and Adam falls - hard.
(Adam/Kris) PG-13
summary: Acclaimed songwriter Kris Allen is finally laying down his own recording of his songs. He's retired to the studio for a month, and he's taken a vow: until the recording's done, there'll be no drinking, no partying, and definitely no girls. Everything's going to be dedicated to the music. Until rock star Adam Lambert, recently returned from touring, turns up at the studio to remind Kris that he signed a contract to write a song to become Adam's next single release - and Adam prefers to collaborate on every song that's created for him.

07.27.10 lisbei
Darkness Visble (38000) Adam has a sword and katekat1010 did the art. Nuff said.
(Adam/Kris) NC-17
summary: Sometimes, it makes sense to be afraid of the dark. Kris and Adam are finding that out.

07.31.10 seleneheart
AU Love Song of Sky and Sand (50,300) In terms of epic AUs, Im not sure if you can beat this story.
(Adam/Kris) NC-17
summary: Kristopher d'Alleyne is a young knight. When chance crosses his path with that of a Jewish warrior/spy on a secret mission that could have implications for both the Christian and Muslim forces in the area, Kris finds that his life is changed forever. Adam Lambeorht had been given by his parents at a young age to serve a secret cabal of powerful Jewish nobles based in Spain. When Adam encounters Kristopher d'Alleyne, he can’t walk away from the injured knight, no matter what it might cost him.

10.10.10 itsmadeofgold
AU Start On the Inside (Work Your Way Out) (11500) Emotional. Beautiful. First Person. Daydreams can come true. hsau.
(Adam/Kris) R
summary: I don’t know why he wants me to trust him or why he thinks I should - since I don’t actually know him at all - but it seems like he kind of knows that I do, or that I will. That I’ll do whatever he says. And I can’t really deny it, so I just follow him down the stairs.

10.14.10 silver_keynotes
Chain and Feather (24,300) FUTURE!FIC♥ horoscopes, news articles, long-distance phone calls that read as if they are in the same room.
(Adam/Kris) NC-17
summary: Sex without love is a compromise that’s rarely cost Adam more than fleeting regret. Love without sex, no surprise, isn’t in his nature at all.

12.10.10 silver_keynotes
AU Incurable (5700) New Orleans, Katy POV, Fate, Historic AU = WIN AT LIFE
(Adam/Kris) PG-13
summary: The invitation to an Uptown gala promised an antidote to routine. (Historical AU)
Stars, a sequel. (600) R

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♥multi-chapter fics♥
This list will be short to start b/c I cant remember most of the ones that belong in this section. /fail
Only listed in order by date started.

05.13.09 - 09.04.09 dark_orion
Colliding With Reality (5)
Rating: G to NC-17 (Adam/Kris)
1. CWR 1 | 2. How Could You Be So... | 3. Swimming With A Raincoat | 4. The First Time Ever I... | 5. Sex, Lies and Videotape

AU 08.04.09 - 10.09.09 xbeyondinsanex
The Devilstone Registry (12+epilogue)
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17 (Adam/Kris)
1. Head of the Trial | 2. the Tale of Matty the Mute | 3. The Foundation | 4. Turning Blue | 5. Amoung the Fragments | 6. Snoop and Ye Shall Find | 7. A Distant Bell | 8. Female Troubles | 9. The 3:10 to Little Rock | 10. The Western Boys | 11. What Lies Beneath | 12. From These Great Heights
The Epilogue and A Devilstone Christmas

AU 08.10.09 - 08.28.09 radiogaga33
The Memory Keeper (14+epilogue)
Rating: PG to NC-17 (Adam/Kris)
1. One Last Moment | 2. A Betting Man | 3. Four Simple Words | 4. Starlight | 5. A Lucky So and So | 6. With My Arms Outstretched | 7. A Different Truth | 8. In The Name of Love | 9. How To Save A Life | 10. Thing We Lost In The Fire | 11. Requiem | 12. The Human Condition | 13. Dil Se | 14. Never A Wish Better Than This
The Epilogue

AU 11.10.09(or thereabouts) - Present orbedrowned
Or Be Drowned In Blissful Confusion (WIP)
Rating: PG-13(currently) (Adam/Kris)
This is an on-going High School AU with its own journal. Author generally posts once a month, but before you run away, understand -- you need the time in between updates to digest whats been fed to you. Its amazing and nostalgic and promises of good and faith.
OBDIBC 1 | OBDIBC 2 | OBDIBC 3 | OBDIBC 4 | OBDIBC 5 | OBDIBC 6 | OBDIBC 7 | OBDIBC 8 | OBDIBC 9 | OBDIBC 10 | OBDIBC 11 | OBDIBC 12 | OBDIBC 13 | OBDIBC 14 | missing scene | OBDIBC 15 | OBDIBC 16 | OBDIBC 17 | OBDIBC 18 | tbc...

AU 12.15.09 - 03.30.10 xbeyondinsanex
The Honour of Gentleman (6)
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17 (Adam/Kris)
1. Truth In Telling | 2. Go Forth From Ashes | 3. The Course Of True Love | 4. Cast Off the Bonds That Hold You | 5. Read What Silent Love Hath Writ | 6. Two Masters

AU 02.26.10 - 04.03.10 itsmadeofgold
Sing Without A Song (8+epilogue)
Rating: PG to NC-17 (Adam/Kris)
1. You Walked Into The Room | 2. Just Like The Ocean | 3. Time Will Be The Theif | 4. This Is All So Prototype | 5. He Brings Me Sugar | 6. I Thought I Tripped On A Shoelace | 7. It Is Delicate And Lovely | 8. If You Love It
The Epilogue My World Is Filled With So Many Things

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